? After calculating the monthly average return of five equity mutual funds in 2015 and 2016 it was realized that CANARA ROBCO and ICICI have positive return with values of (1.180, 0.483) where the rest of them including SENSEX have got negative return in 2015, in the hand SBI is the only company which has negative return in 2016 where the rest have earned positive which shows improvement.
? Calculating the risk of selected equity mutual funds it was found that SBI was having the highest standard deviation which indicates the higher risk with value of 5.286 unlike TATA is the one with lower standard deviation of 2.805 in 2015 where CANARA ROBECO is the first equity mutual fund with higher risk of 6.896 in 2016 and ICICI is with lower risk of 4.0768 in 2016.


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