Associate Degree Nurse

Associate Degree Nurse:
An associate degree was first introduced by Mildred Montag and it takes two to three years of nursing education. The main advantages to an ADN program are that it is less expensive and less time consuming. And gain nursing expereice fast The Board exam for nursing can be passed after completing the education and practice can be started. An associate degree nurse will do simple nursing care, such as recording patient symptoms, working with simple medical equipment, educating patients on diseases and illnesses and working in close consultations with doctors and other nurses.
Baccalaureate Degree Nurse:
BSN degree requires 4 to 5 years of nursing education. This programme give nurses well rounded education and preparing them to suceccfully enter in the nursing field. Nurse with BSN degree have an advantage of advancing his/her career in various fields including nurse practitioner, clinical nurse leader etc.


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