During my working career there has been one manager who stands out as a business leader who I respect and admire

During my working career there has been one manager who stands out as a business leader who I respect and admire. Anne was my manager for 6 years (managing a team of 10), and then invited me to join her for a further 3 years (managing a team of 15) at her new place of employment before she moved on to other opportunities. In total Anne has been my manager for 9 years, and has mentored me professionally for a substantial part of this time.

Anne’s style of leadership is transformational. As a transformational leader she works with the goal of transforming the team to encourage constant improvement. She creates a vision for the future to share with everyone so they can work together to achieve the shared goal and vision. Anne is very authentic, self-aware and displays empathy towards others. Her conflict management style is to hold team members accountable for their actions. (Campbell, A. 2016).

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“There isn’t one style that works perfectly in every situation. But if you come up with a style that’s suited to your business and your team, you could be well on your way to leading a successful team” (Campbell, 2016).

Researchers have found that different styles of leadership can influence employee’s behaviour towards them. Transformational leaders are defined as charismatic and inspiring, resulting in more engaged and devoted employees. Employees who report to a transformational leader found more challenge, meaning and significance in their jobs and this helped maintain a positive work environment. A transformational leader has a lot of trust and confidence from their employees. (van Loveren, 2007, pp 7-9).

When making team decisions Anne evaluates the team goals, and ensures they align with the organisation goals and vision. She understands that the team trusts her and is confident in her decisions, and she takes this responsibility seriously. Anne also has discussed her decisions with the team at meetings and elaborates on how she came to her decision, and is happy to receive feedback from the team, and keeps them informed throughout the whole process.


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