During the past 50 years

During the past 50 years, many researchers have investigated
the behavior of steel guyed towers. Rowe (1958) developed a the-
oretical model in which guy cables were simulated as bars and new
amplification charts were introduced for both stress and displace-
ments in steel guyed towers. These charts were developed to indi-
cate when advanced methods of structural analysis were required
in the design and what modifications were needed to the classical
method, to obtain adequate results. Hull (1962) 11 provided full
stability analysis of guyed towers that led to the formulation of the
critical moment of inertia related to a critical buckling wind load.
Goldberg and Myers (1965) 9 proposed a new method of analysis
for guyed towers that assumed the non-linear behavior end effect
of wind on guy cable stiffness. Odley (1966) 18 suggested an iter-
ative technique of analysis of high guyed towers implemented in
computer programming


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