Nowadays, people are living in an age of the technology. By the cause of this technology era, the needs of people grow fast to meet their satisfaction. Biometrics based Student Event Attendance Monitoring Kiosk is a system that meets the needs of the SSG organization by processing easier. In present, the Carlos Hilado Memorial State College-Talisay are still using a manual process of checking the attendance every event such as social bash, intramurals, intercampus and other official events. Attendance is very important to every student because of the requirements needed to comply in school. This system is intended to develop because some attendance sheet is lost and others have no validity. Every semester the SSG organization are producing an attendance sheet to be used for the whole semester’s events. Due to the lack of manpower in the organization, the process of having an attendance is very hassled and time-consuming in every student. The present process is having a problem in security since the attendance sheet has no validity, many of students are not attending but their attendance is filled out this lead to the researcher to develop an electronic attendance with the use the technology of fingerprint scanner.
This focuses on developing a Biometrics based Student Event Attendance Monitoring Kiosk that will fasten the process of registering an attendance in every event in the campus. The system automates the manual process of the SSG officer in stamping and signing the attendance sheet of the student. In addition, the system can be used for tracking the absences of the student. Thus, every end of the semester the student will go to SSG office for the signing of clearance purposes and determine their sanctions to comply. The system allows personnel to generate reports and the results of absences of every student. The system is only accessible by authorized users for security purposes and it has a single database that securely stores the student records. The proposed system does not available online and developed using MsAccess and C#.


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