Tseng (2012) stated that learners become anxious when they want to communicate with someone who has higher target language competence than them (p.80). Pica (1987) viewed this factor as an “unequal status” between the learners and language teachers and even when learners communicate with language teacher, they become nervous. Zhang (2012) mentioned to the role of the teacher in the class when they follow strict ways to correct errors and do not create positive classroom environment for learners. Teachers’ styles of teaching may make learners feel anxious. Some factors according to Coa (2011) are related to the teachers and classes. In some cases, teachers’ lack of support and personal attention for learners may cause nervousness. Teachers’ inappropriate model of teaching, lack of knowledge and information, correcting learners’ mistakes in front of the class, and lack of encouragement may create stress stressful atmosphere.


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