What do you think of when you hear Saudi Arabia

What do you think of when you hear Saudi Arabia? I think of a country that has a long history of oppressing those who live there. Saudi Arabia has laws just to ensure that women are inferior to men, for example their laws that states that women can not gain full custody of their own children. People who protest the Saudi Arabian government can be put up for execution. Could you ever imagine being heavily punished for just simply asking for your human rights? Sadly, this is reality for those living in Saudi Arabia, many are to petrified to speak up against their government. Saudi Arabia is the 9th most powerful nation, however they use their power to inflict fear to those who live there.

Women in Saudi Arabia are dominated by men in every aspect of their lives. The male guardian must give women written permission over almost every decision she makes. Women must ask permission for marriage, divorce, travel, education and employment. This is just absolutely appalling. This shows that the government believe that women are completely unable to think and do things for themselves, grown women are treated like children. Women are not aloud to leave the house alone. Its just shocking to think that today women are still being oppressed like this. I could never imagine have to ask someone for permission for them to accompany me, just to be able to leave the house. Saudi Arabia continues to move backward in their opinions of women. It is just disgusting that women are not allowed to take control over their own life, but just must sit back and watch someone else control their life for them.

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The death penalty is a Widley used form of punishment in Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia many criminal offences could get you the death penalty. Even insignificant charges such as stealing, although no one should go un punished for their crimes, I strongly believe that those who do crimes such as stealing should most defiantly not be put up for the death penalty. It is outrageous how often Saudi Arabia use the death penalty. A group of 5 human right activist are being put up for death penalty. This includes a woman named Israa al-Ghomgham, who is a Shia activist who along with her husband was arrested in 2015, she will be tried in the terrorism tribunal. She is thought to be the first woman activist in Saudi Arabia to face death penalty. This is just horrific. These activists where just to make a difference in their country to help improve the lives of many. On the 2 January 2016 47 people were executed in one day. This just shows Saudi Arabia’s utter disregard for people’s human rights. I feel that Saudi Arabia’s way of punishing people by using the death penalty is seriously flawed as their criminal justice system is biased especially against protest related charges. This has got to change.

Saudi Arabia is a country that is notoriously known for denying people their human rights. Raif Badawi was sentenced to 1000 lashes and 10 years in prison due to his liberal blog criticising Saudi Arabia’s clerics. He has already received 50 lashes, which has left him in bad health. Could you imagine being severely punished for voicing your own opinions. It is. Saudi Arabia is a country that takes away people’s freedom of speech. The Saudi Arabian government wants everyone to conform to the same beliefs and that no one must think differently from the government. In 2014 the Saudi Arabian authorities deported over 370,000 foiegn migrants and held 18,000 in detention. Many of these people were deported for no reason. This is absoultley horrifc. Saudi Arabia has to change their ways now.

Religious discrimination is a huge problem in Saudi Arabia. Anyone who does not follow the Muslim religion are banned from practising their religion and owning anything to do with their religion. This is just shocking that people cannot freely practise their religion. Christians and Buddhists are not allowed to celebrate any religious holidays. Saudi Arabia is the only nation to not have a church even though many living in Saudi Arabia identify as Christen. In Saudi Arabia conversion from the Islam religion can be punishable by death. I strongly believe that everyone has a right to follow whatever religion they want to. It is shocking that people are so heavily controlled like this. I could never imagine being denied my freedom to follow whatever religion I want to believe. Saudi Arabia is one of the only countries where reilgous discrimination is viewed as normal as the government is the one who in states laws ensuring religious discrimination.


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